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Tenders/RFP's/GeM Bids

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Sno. Title Portal Tender/GeM Bid Ref. No./Id Document Corrigendum Details Tender Date Last Date
26 General Electronics items for instrument development
AO/3-36(19)/2020-2021/2946 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_617880_1) Corrigendum 1 : Download Now
Corrigendum 2 : Download Now
27 Custom-built scientific imaging camera for Astronomy
AO/3-36(20)/2020-2021/2973 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_619039_1) NA 2021-02-25
28 Designing, Building/Fabrication, Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning (DB/F-SITC) of High Resolution Spectrograph (HRS) For Use With ARIES 3.6 Meter Devasthal Optical Telescope (DOT) at Devasthal
AO/3-36(18)/2020-2021/2974 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_618683_1) Corrigendum 1 : Download Now
Corrigendum 2 : Download Now
29 Supply, installation, testing, and commissioning (SITC) of a small High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster system at ARIES
AO/3-7(3)/2020-2021/2944 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_617737_1) Corrigendum 1 : Download Now
Corrigendum 2 : Download Now
30 SITC of HI-Tech Aerosol Lab
AO/3-26(10)/2020-2021/2930 Date 18-02-2021 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_617475_1) Corrigendum 1 : Download Now
Corrigendum 2 : Download Now
31 SITC of Sonic Anemometer
AO/3-26(11)/2020-2021/2931 Dated 18-02-2021 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_617496_1) NA 2021-02-19
32 Optical Components for astronomy
AO/3-36(17)/2020-2021/2922 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_617222_1) NA 2021-02-18
33 Hiring of two Innova/Scorpio-model 2019
AO/Tender/2021-2022/2906 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_616316_1) NA 2021-02-17
34 SITC of Instrument storage wall mount units
AO/3-26(8)/2020-2021/2913 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_616395_1) Corrigendum 1 : Download Now
Corrigendum 2 : Download Now
35 Supply of Semi rigid RF Cable
AO/3-26(9)/2020-2021/2916 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_616919_1) NA 2021-02-16
36 Compact closed- Cycle Cryogenic Cooling system.
AO/3-36(16)/2020-2021/2915 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_616897_1) NA 2021-02-16
37 Mercury (Argon), Neon(Ne), Argon(Ar) and Power lamp supply
AO/3-36(13)/2020-2021/2759 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_610228_1) NA 2021-01-18
38 Supply of Narrow Band Interference Filters.
AO/3-26(7)/2020-2021/2757 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_610223_1 ) NA 2021-01-18
39 Supply of UBVRI and SDSS Filters
AO/3-36(12)/2020-2021/2758 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_610226_1) Corrigendum 1 : Download Now
Corrigendum 2 : Download Now
40 Supply of RF Electronic Components.
AO/3-26(5)/2020-2021/2748 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_609580_1) NA 2021-01-15
41 RF Coaxial Adaptors, connectors and dividers.
AO/3-26(6)/2020-2021/2747 (Tender ID No.2021_ARIES_609576_1) NA 2021-01-15
42 Five (05) Users Network, Perpetual Academic License for Mathematica Software (1 Set)
AO/3-7(2)/2020-2021/2749 (Tender ID No.2021_ARIES_609545_1) NA 2021-01-13
43 Supply of two identical scientific detector camera system for astronomy
AO/3-36(11)/2020-2021/2725 (Tender ID No.2021_ARIES_ 608816_1) NA 2021-01-11
44 Supply of compressed air system including dryer filter regulator and distribution unit.
AO/3-36(10)/2020-2021/2724 (Tender ID No.2021_ARIES_ 608702_1) NA 2021-01-11
45 Supply of piezo electric mini pneumatic valves
AO/3-36(9)/2020-2021/2718 ( Tender ID No.2021_ARIES_ 608602_1) NA 2021-01-09
46 Supply of industrial Ethernet
Tender Reference No- AO/3-36(8)/2020/2716 ( Tender ID No.2021_ARIES_608588_1) NA 2021-01-09
47 Supply of precision capacitive sensor tool
AO/3-36(7)/2020-2021/2717 (Tender ID No.2021_ARIES_608486_1) NA 2021-01-09
48 Supply of control panel and servo cables
AO/3-36(6)/20-21/2712 (Tender ID No.2021_ARIES_608124_1) NA 2021-01-07
49 Auction Tender
AO/Tender/21-22/2707 NA 2021-01-07
50 Hiring of one Innova/Scorpio - model 2018
AO/Tender/21-22/2703 (Tender ID No.2021_ARIES_607718_1) NA 2021-01-06