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Astronomy & Astrophysics

The astronomy division consists of an active group of 15 scientists and about 30 postdocs and PhD students. The division specializes in optical and near-infrared observations of celestial sources, though, for a complete understanding of celestial phenomena in astrophysical terms, the researchers also utilise data across electromagnetic radiation, gravitational waves, neutrinos and cosmic rays. Analytical studies and numerical simulations of jets and accretion discs associated with black holes are also carried out.

Key research topics include :
  • Sun and related phenomena
  • Stars, binary stars, and stellar variability
  • Star formation and stellar evolution
  • Interstellar medium and dust
  • Astronomical catastrophic transients
  • Formation and evolution of galaxies
  • Nuclei of active galaxies and related phenomena
  • Theoretical and numerical astrophysics
  • Development of observing facilities for astronomy