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Designation: SRF
Thesis Topic: Multiwavelength syudies of gamma ray bursts and their associated counterparts
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Kuntal Misra
Main Building Cabin No. 5
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Academic Background

Research Interest and Description

I am interested in the field of high energy transients mainly the Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) and their associated counterparts: the gravitational waves and the supernovae.  
As the name indicates, GRBs are the bursts of highly energetic gamma rays lasting from less than a second to several minutes appearing at random locations in the sky at an average rate of one event per day. These events are so energetic that for a few seconds they become the brightest object of the universe out-shining the rest of the universe.   GRBs are isotropically distributed over the universe and have cosmological origins with redshift distribution from 0.07 to 9.4. The detailed study of these events at such high redshifts can probe the star formation history of the universe which motivated  me to explore these events.

Recent Publications