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Online Engineering Simulation - Demonstration & Discussion Session

Event Date: 13 August 2021 (Friday) 9:45AM-4:00PM

An online multidisciplinary session has been organized on Engineering simulation, covering wide range of topics related to Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Optical, and Computer Science Engineering. The speakers from CADFEM India are invited for this session.

Registration to this Online session is Free. Interested Audience can Visit for more details & REGISTER there latest by 8:00AM on 13 August 2021.    

TIME SCHEDULE of this Online Engg. Simulation session for 13th August 2021 is as follows:

Sl.No Particulars Time Speakers
1. Opening Remarks 9:45 AM-10:00 AM Kapil Sharma
2. Structures, Fatigue, Thermal, Explicit Analysis, Material Management etc. 10:00 AM– 10:30 AM Gokul Pulikallu
3. Fluent Analysis, Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow Simulation etc. 10:30 AM– 11:00 PM Mangesh Shahaji Gavade
4. Overcoming Signal Integrity, Supply Integrity & Electromagnetic Compatibility 12:00 PM– 12:30 PM Safal Sharma
5. Addressing Electronic Reliability Challenges 12:30 PM– 1:00 PM Aslam Maniyar
6. Electric Motor 2:00 PM– 2:30 PM Hara Prasad Sivala
7. Photometric & Radiometric Simulations 2:30 PM– 3:00 PM Ankush Sharma
8. Nanophotonic Simulations 3:00 PM– 3:30 PM Ankush Sharma
9. Model Based Safety Critical Software Development & Functional Safety Analysis 3:30 PM– 3:55 PM Ratan Sagar
10. Concluding Remarks 3:55 PM - 4:00 PM ARIES & CADFEM Team