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Dr. Joe P. Ninan
TIFR, Mumbai
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Astronomers have a rich tradition of building new instruments to push the discovery space. In this talk, I shall talk about two extreme precision radial velocity spectrographs we built for exoplanet science, and how they helped us in discovering new planets that push the understanding of planet and star formation. I shall also talk about our ongoing TIFR-ARIES collaboration to build a novel spectrograph, which will be the fastest spectrograph for ultra broad band spectroscopy survey in the world. This instrument, dubbed TA-MOONS will be a next-generation instrument on DOT, that will have the unique capability to observe up to 8 targets anywhere in the 12 arc min diameter field of view in the ultra broadband wavelength range of 380 nm to 2.5 microns simultaneously.

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Dr. Joe P. Ninan is a Reader at the TIFR, Mumbai, India. Before joining TIFR in 2022, he was an Assistant Research Professor at Penn State, USA. He completed his PhD from DAA, TIFR, Mumbai in 2016. His main research areas are protoplanetary disc accretion and outflows in young stars, exoplanets, and developing algorithms. He is involved in the development of various Optical and Infrared Astronomy Instruments e.g., NEID, HPF, and TIRSPEC.

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