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Solar Telescope

15 cm H-alpha telescope at Solar Tower

The main solar observing facility at ARIES is 15cm, f/15 Coudé Solar Tower Telescope equipped with Hαfilter, and CCD camera (1Kx1K, 13 micron, 16 bit, 10 MHz read out rate, frame transfer, back illuminated). It has a spatial resolution of 0.58” per pixel. It is an automatic Hαflare patrolling system, which takes fast sequence of images in the flare mode observations. Regular observations of the solar eruptive events (e.g. solar flares, filaments and prominences eruptions, surges etc.) were routinely done with the telescope. The telescope is also equipped with FeX 6374 Å, FeXIV5303 Å, FeXI 7892 Å filters to observe the corona during total solar eclipse. The telescope is located in a reasonably good site especially during first half of the day. The total clear observing days are approximately 200 per year.