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Nainital Campus

Aries_manoraManora Peak campus hosts rich variety of the Himalayan flora and fauna and occasional sightings of rare birds and wild life. The longitude of ARIES Manora Peak (79°E) locates it in the middle of about 180-degree wide longitude band having modern astronomical facilities between Canary Islands (20°W) and Eastern Australia (157°E). The observations, which are not possible in Canary Islands or Australia due to daylight, can be obtained from this Campus. From this pristine location many times critical astronomical phenomena have been captured. For example, the first successful attempt in the country to observe optical afterglow of Gamma Ray Bursts was carried out from the Manora Peak. Many eclipsing binaries, variable stars, star clusters, nearby galaxies, Gamma Ray Bursts, and supernova were also observed. In the past, new ring systems around Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune were also discovered from this location.