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तिथि और समय शीर्षक वक्ता संबंधन कार्यक्रम का स्थान लिंक अपलोड करें
SPECULOOS: Hunting exoplanets of ultracool dwarfs with 1-meter ground-based telescopes network Dr. Sebastián Zúñiga-Fernández Astrobiology Research Unit - Université de Liège - Belgium Auditorium
The evolution of the Mt. Abu 1.2m telescope Mr. Ashirbad Nayak Mount Abu astronomical observatory, Rajasthan Auditorium
Looking for unique objects with excess UV emission in modern large-scale sky surveys Mr Avdeeva Aleksandra HSE University, Moscow/Institute of Astronomy of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia Auditorium
Probing “Blazars” using multiwavelength observations Dr. Krishna Mohana A ARIES Online Zoom Talk
Exoplanets, Titius-Bode-Like Law in Astronomy, Limitimg Form of Special Theory of Relativitty, and a New Quantum Mechanics PROF. Syed Afsar Abbas Centre for Theoretical Physics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Auditorium
PHOTOMETRIC STUDY OF VARIABLE STARS IN OPEN CLUSTERS NGC 1893 AND NGC 7209 Dorothy Museo Mwanzia SN Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences (SNBNCBS), Kolkata, India & Department of Physics, University of Nairobi, Kenya Auditorium
Diffuse Emission from Molecular Clouds: a probe of cosmic ray origin and propagation Abhijit Roy ARIES Auditorium
Galactic Archaeology: the Galactic Evolution, Open Star Clusters and Stars' Giant Phase Evolution Dr. Deepak ARIES Auditorium
Hunting low-frequency gravitational waves through Pulsar Timing Arrays and the role of Indian Pulsar Timing Array Prof. Manjari Bagchi IMSc, Chennai Auditorium/ zoom
Multiwavelength Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts Rahul Gupta ARIES Auditorium
Unveiling diverse nature of core collapse supernovae Amar Aryan ARIES Auditorium
Multiwavelength studies of gamma-ray bursts and their associated counterparts Dimple ARIES Auditorium
Smartphone assisted and AI enabled colorimetry for Point of Care Dognosis Prof. Satish Kumar Dubey IIT Delhi Auditorium
Arbitrary Time Stability: Theory and Applications Prof. Shyam Kamal IIT-BHU Auditorium
Accretion Flows in Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables Nikita Rawat ARIES Auditorium
Synoptic Scale Dust Storms and Their Impact on The Himalayan Region Mr. Apurv Dhyani Doon University Auditorium
Magnetic fields, convection, pulsation, and chemical peculiarities of cool A-type stars Prof. Gregg Wade Royal Military College of Canada Auditorium
A brief Introduction to Atomic Clocks and the latest Advances Dr. Amitava Sen Gupta Formerly at CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, Dr K S Krishnan Marg, New Delhi Auditorium
Exoplanets, Exomoons, and Exocomets: Research Results from UT Arlington, Texas Prof. Manfred Cuntz University of Texas at Arlington Auditorium
Variability of Nearest Star and Aditya-L1 Mission Prof. Dipankar Banerjee Director ARIES Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi
Present and future role of radio observations in the multi-wavelength studies of solar phenomenon Dr. Rohit Sharma University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Windisch ARIES Auditorium
On the origin of a kiloparsec size superbubble in the JWST images of the "phantom galaxy" NGC628 Divakara Mayya INAOE, Mexico Auditorium/ zoom
VLBI properties of compact interplanetary scintillators Dr. Sumit Kumar Jaiswal Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Council Room/ zoom
Associated HI 21 cm absorption towards radio AGNs of different accretion modes Dr. Yogesh Chandola Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO), Nanjing, China Auditorium/ zoom