Science Center

ARIES Science Popularisation and Public Outreach Programme

Astronomy is the oldest of the natural sciences, dating back to antiquity, with its origins in the religious, mythological, and astrological practices of pre-history. Calendars of the world have been set on the basis of the Sun and the Moon and were of great importance to the agricultural societies like we had and still have in India. With the advent of new technology and bigger and bigger telescopes, our understanding about the Universe has taken an unprecedented leap. But the knowledge is mostly restricted to a very small community who carry out astronomy as their career. In order to disseminate the knowledge available to the astronomy community (of both India and world wide) to the general public, ARIES has set up a science center at Manora Peak,Nainital campus.


  1. To encourage and enable ARIES astronomical community to take an active role in explaining what we do (and why) to our fellow citizens.
  1. To facilitate students and teachers at under graduate and graduate levels to carry out small observational projects in Astronomy & Astrophysics using small aperture telescopes.
  2. To give a glimpse of opportunities that are available for the young, enthusiastic and bright students who want to take up Astronomy & Astrophysics and atmospheric sciences as their career.


  • Nearly 6000 visitors  visit  ARIES  per year including Student and General visitors.
  • About 50 to 60 Education tour visits per year.
  • Two dozens of popular movies collections for Sci. Movie. shows.
  • Visit to ARIES Facilities including 104 cm ST, Solar telescope and Atmospheric sciences lab.
  • We have scheduled Night sky watching Programme twice in a week with 14 Inch Telescope. Where available object are shown to the visitor.
  • For Educational tours we arrange Pop. Sci. Lecture/Interaction with scientist for their enthusiastic/ curious mind.


Event Based Programme:

2-4 workshops per year (about 2 planed and 2 un-planed based on proposals received)

Annual Programme

Our ongoing Annual Workshop for about 10 days for M.Sc. Students ATSOA on the occasion of National Science Day.

Facilities for Visitor

Small Planetarium

We have a small planetarium for visitors. The planetarium helps to show virtual night sky as well as full dome movies for visitors.


We have about  30 Exhibits/  models displayed in our Science Center for visitors.

S & T Book counter

To propagate science through text materials, we facilitate our visitors with  Popular S&T Books display cum Sale counter supported by Vigyan Prasar.

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