Mechanical Workshop

To fulfill the stringent requirements in astronomical and atmospheric instrumentation, a fairly well equipped mechanical section has been established at ARIES. Mechanical section is actively involved in design, development and maintenance activities of observational facilities of astronomy and atmospheric sciences including various optical telescopes and aluminizing units. The resources of this workshop is also utilized to fulfill other routine maintenance of various scientific buildings including telescope domes, residences and other infrastructure development.

During last more than a decade, the mechanical workshop has improved by adding new automated machines like Computer Numerical Control (CNC), many new conventional machines and softwares for design & development,  precision measurements.

Some of the capabilities of the workshop are highlighted below-

  1. 3D Modeling (Pro E, UG), Detailing (Auto Cad) and Structural analysis (Ansys).
  2. Machining with less than 10 micron in CNC and less than 20 micron in conventional machines.
  3. Aluminum welding facility.
  4. Installation,Troubleshooting and maintenance of astronomical observational facilities of ARIES.
  5. Portable CMM inspection.
  6. Master cam programming.
  7. Conducting trainings and providing guidance to the students pursuing projects.

Major Contributions:

Some of the major contributions of the workshop are highlighted below.

  1.      LIDAR Project:

Design, fabrication and installation of roll-off hatch cover for the LIDAR building was done by the ARIES workshop.

  1.    1.3m and 3.6m Telescope projects:

 The Enclosure building for 1.3m Telescope and initial telescope building infrastructure   (Inspection/endorsement of design, manufacturing, fabrication and erection works) were done by the ARIES mechanical workshop.

For the 3.6m dome building erection, ARIES workshop team has contributed significantly.

  1.     4.0m International Liquid Mirror Telescope (ILMT) Project:

ARIES mechanical workshop was also involved in the enclosure building & Telescope installation (Inspection/endorsement of design, manufacturing, fabrication and erection works) for the 4.0m ILMT project.

  1.     ARIES Devasthal Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera (ADFOSC) project:

Some of the design, analysis and inspection aspects related to the ADFOSC project were also done by the mechanical workshop team members.

  1.    4K X 4K CCD IMAGER:

The design and manufacturing the filter wheel housing and related housing were manufactured and assembled in the ARIES mechanical workshop and successfully assembled & tested in 3.6M telescope.


Existing Facilities.

Vertical Machining Centre(VMC)



Radial drilling

surface grinder

Mechanical power hacksaw

Tool grinder

Air compressor

Carpentry related machine,

Single phase & three phase welding machine

Gas cutter equipment 

TIG welding

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