How to Use

1.04m and 1.3m telescope:
These are institute facilities. To use these facilities ARIES scientists and students have to submit proposal online


3.6m telescope:
This is a national facility. The proposals for asking observing  time on the telescope is invited twice a year through


ST Radar: This facility will be available soon.


ILMT : This facility will be available soon.


Other facilities:
The user can submit a proposal to Director, ARIES –


External Users :

University/ Colleges  / National Lab / Industry :

Proposals can be submitted directly at the online proposal system of ARIES. Please visit the website of ARIES for furtehr information.

As per the guidelines of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), in all publications of research work, wherein the national facility have been made use of, the ARIES shall be duly acknowledged. Kindly send us the publication reference (Journal name/volume number/names of the authors/date of issue of the publication etc) to us.

For any further details mail to

Payment :    
All the Institute facilities are free of any charge and available as collaborative mode.


Appointment :    
You can also request for an appointment on a facility and fix the same in consultation with the respective in-charges (

Sample Submission :     
The targets to be observed are to be submitted at the time of filling the on-line proposal form and  brought along on the date of your observations with the telescope.


Results :     
After the observations are completed, the raw data will be provided to the proposers.

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