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Upcoming Seminar/Colloqium


Multiwavelength Studies of the TeV Blazar PG 1553+113

Speaker : Vinit Dhiman
Affiliation : ARIES
Date & Time :
Venue : Auditorium and zoom
Abstract :

Blazars are the jetted-AGNs in which the relativistic jets are aligned at very small ( < 10 degrees) viewing angles. The Doppler-boosted non-thermal emission from the relativistic jets is highly variable at all observed timescales over essentially the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Flux variability on very short (or intraday) timescales has been one of the puzzling issues in the field of blazar astronomy and is helpful in probing the size of the emitting regions near SMBH as well as the underlying emission mechanisms. In the present talk, I will report on the progress of my Ph.D. Thesis project and its submission plan. For my Ph.D. I am working on the TeV blazar PG 1553+113 in the multi-wavelength. In the 1st project, I have studied the detailed multi-band (optical, UV, and X-ray) observations of the blazar taken with XMM-Newton from 2010 to 2018. In the 2nd project, I have worked on the detailed multi-band optical variability properties on diverse timescales of the blazar with data taken from 10 optical telescopes in India and Europe in 2019. In the 3rd and final project of my Ph.D. Thesis, I am currently working on long-term multi-wavelength data of the blazar.

About Speaker :

Vinit Dhiman is a Ph.D. student at ARIES. This seminar forms a part of his annual review.