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Upcoming Seminar/Colloqium


Photometric, kinematic, and variability study in the Galactic open clusters

Speaker : Mr. Jayanand Maurya
Affiliation : ARIES
Date & Time :
Venue : zoom meeting space
Abstract :

Open clusters are excellent laboratories for studies of stellar evolution as they host coeval stars born in the same physical conditions. This property of open clusters is used as constrain on the stellar evolution models. It is found that stars in the open clusters show various types of variability at different stages of their evolution. The study of these variable stars in the star clusters offer to understand stellar evolution scenario at various stages. We carried out photometric and kinematic study of 10 open clusters using UBVRcIc data, near- IR data from 2MASS, Gaia DR2 data. The colour-magnitude diagrams of NGC 2360 and SAI 45 host extended main-sequence turn-off which are found to be mainly caused by different rotation rates of stars. We found a total of 76, 70, and 60 variable stars after light curve inspection of the stars in the region of clusters NGC 1960, NGC 559, and NGC 381, respectively. We characterized the periodic variable on the basis of period, amplitude, shape, and location on the H-R diagram. The details of our study will be presented in the talk.

About Speaker :

Jayanand is SRF at ARIES.