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Engineering Research

The engineering division at ARIES caters to design, development, maintenance and upgradation of the instruments and support facilities and also supports maintenance of the ARIES infrastructure.  In order to efficiently and optimally manage the engineering activities, the engineering resources like tools, machineries, expertise and skill sets are available under the division as one common resource pool.  The efforts required to develop, maintain and upgrade complex elements of the instruments like telescopes, backend instruments, radar facility etc. are very demanding. This not only requires specialized skills from the four engineering sections at ARIES (optics, mechanical, electronics and computer sections) but more importantly also require interdisciplinary skills and integrated approach. ARIES effectively caters to these requirements using the shared pool of engineering expertise, well equipped laboratories, simulation setups and sophisticated measurement tools and also participates in more advanced national and international networked projects. Currently, ARIES has the expertise equipped with design, development, simulation, debugging and validation tools for complex engineering activities related to advanced control systems, embedded systems, PLCs, drives, motion controllers and automation, electrical and electronic CAD, DSP, signal processing, RF, mechanical CAD, CNC machining, CMM verification, precision optical design and verification, HMI, automation, IoT, software development, parallel computing etc. These resources are also used to provide basic and advanced training to the engineering interns, B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph. D. students and efforts are underway to share them across the national institutions and organizations via initiatives of Government of India like I-STEM.