Scientific Rationale:

    Astrophysical jets are largely known as outflows of ionized matter and are observationally seen as extended beam of emission among a variety of sources both Galactic and extra-galactic. Underlying physics behind these enigmatic sources are one of the least understood areas and needs more attention to improve our present knowledge about such interesting sources. These sources are key ones to understand powering mechanisms and formation of jets at diverse astrophysical scales. In India, sizable fraction of astronomers work towards astrophysical sources like Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs), Gamma-ray Bursts (GRBs), Supernovae, X-ray binaries etc. and make use of a range of multi-wavelength observational facilities. Also, in the near future, we plan to have a new generation of large observational facilities to address frontiers of the subject during the coming decades using both indigenous efforts and through international collaborations. The proposed national workshop aims to bring all the stake-holders together to discuss the subject matter at length and review the progress made so far and the proposed path ahead to strengthen the Indian community at large.

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Topics Covered:

    •  Active galactic nuclei
    •  Gamma-ray bursts/Supernovae/GW events
    •  X-ray binaries/micro-quasars
    •  existing multi-wavelength Observational Indian facilities
    •  upcoming Indian observational facilities

    Scientific Programme

    It is decided to publish the proceedings of the workshop as a special issue of Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy subject to submission of enough number of manuscripts.

    List of Participants

Scientific Organizing Committee:

    •  A. C. Gupta, ARIES, Chairman
    •  A. Gopakumar, TIFR Mumbai
    •  C. S. Stalin, IIA Bengaluru
    •  K. K. Yadav, BARC Mumabi
    •  N. Gupta, RRI Bengaluru
    •  P. Chandra, NCRA Pune
    •  P. Majumdar, SINP Kolkata
    •  R. Misra, IUCAA Pune
    •  S. Bhattacharyya, TIFR Mumbai
    •  S. B. Pandey, ARIES Nainital, Co-Chairman
    •  S. Naik, PRL Ahamadabad
    •  V. Girish, ISRO HQ Bangaluru

Local Organizing Committee:

    •  D. Banerjee
    •  A. C. Gupta
    •  S. B. Pandey
    •  H. Gaur
    •  P. Kushwaha
    •  A. Kumar
    •  R. Gupta
    •  A. Aryan
    •  V. Dhiman
    •  S. Kishore
    •  T. Tripathi
    •  J. Alam
    •  P. Tiwari

Important dates:

    Registration open / abstract submission: 10-02-21
    Registration closing : 30-03-21
    No registration Fee, Only for Indian participants
    working within the country

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