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Upcoming Seminar/Colloqium


Implementation of ARIES-UBAI joint project on variables in star clusters with intro-retrospect of Uzbek Astronomy

Speaker : Prof. Alisher S Hojaev
Affiliation : Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute (UBAI), Uzbek Academy of Sciences, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Date & Time :
Venue : Auditorium
Abstract :

The background, rationale and process of implementation of the pure science
joint research project directed for search and comprehensive study of variable
stars in star clusters and beyond in the frame of the Indo-Uzbek grant is
described. We have observed a number of open star clusters and some specific
type of variables outside the clusters (e.g. ,the MCV, flare stars, PMS-stars, RN
stars, SN in various galaxies, etc.). Many new variable stars were discovered in
observed open clusters, long-durated dense time series were obtained,
analysis of precise light curves and features of these stars is in the process.
The parameters of as well as dynamical phenomena in some MCV stars were
also derived and analysed. The future plans in implementation of the project as
well as other perspectives of collaboration in astronomy and astrophysics
between India and Uzbekistan will be proposed too. In addition, we will present
the main characteristics of the Maidanak observatory , briefly outline the
ancient history and future prospects of astronomy in Uzbekistan.

About Speaker :

Prof.  Alisher S Hojaev is currently visiting ARIES.